Doink! Slam! Bonk! Whomp!

With the cancellations of daycares and summer camps due to COVID-19, kids need a healthy way to release all that pent-up energy. Wubble Rumblers are here to help.

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, these inflatable toys from NSI International are perfect for rough-and-tumble fun, because that’s what they’re designed for. They come in four different styles, including two inflatable characters and two blow-up hands.

Each Wubble Rumbler conveniently includes a hand pump inside the box, making set-up easy and quick. Young kids may need a helping hand from a parent, but it only takes about three minutes to fully inflate the giant hands and about eight minutes to inflate the characters.

The Inflatable Furious Fist and the Inflatable Karate Chop each have an opening that kids can stick their arm in to wear the hand as their own. Once inflated, they each measure about 1.5 feet long. The Inflatable Full Nelson and the Inflatable Air Ninja get even larger, inflating to more than 2 feet long. Fair warning: Kids are going to want to reenact their favorite wrestling matches with these, so give them an appropriate space where lamps and vases won’t come crashing down. We definitely recommend taking the fun outside!

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From the makers of the Super Wubble Bubble Ball, the Wubble Rumblers’ material is lightweight, bouncy, and more elastic than a typical inflatable so they can handle getting knocked around without hurting anyone. It’s always smart for parents to supervise to make sure the play fighting doesn’t get out of hand but it doesn’t have to be all about roughhousing — kids can use them for silly high fives and handshakes, play catch with them outdoors, or use them as accessories for fun photo ops. They are great for encouraging kids to get active and moving instead of wasting away on the couch.

The next time your kids want to battle it out, give them some Wubble Rumblers and let the games begin!