Write & Learn Touch TabletIf you’re looking for a device that will hold your kid’s attention while teaching them how to write letters and numbers – look no further. The Write and Learn Touch Tablet from VTech teaches or enhances the most important skills that young kids will learn. The tablet is also encouraging and fun, which will get kids excited while they’re secretly learning (muahahah).

For kids ages 3 and up, this electronic tablet offers a progressive approach to early writing skills as they can trace lines, shapes, objects, letters, and numbers on the drawing screen. The tablet itself features fun colors and adorable cartoon animals like a monkey, an elephant, and a lion. The drawing screen is about two inches long and wide, which is plenty of room for kids to trace their letters or shapes. The tablet is comfortable for little hands to hold with buttons that are easy to touch, and is extremely durable (just like all VTech products) for lots of accidental bumps and falls.

Playful sounds and animations bring letters to life while kids practice their early writing skills. The tablet includes six learning activities and 19 animated stories. The animated stories build language skills and encourage kids to draw. For example, if kids choose the heart shape, then the tablet will show kids how to draw the shape, and then kids can trace it for themselves. It will then prompt a story about the bear who loves receiving chocolates in the shape of a heart on Valentine’s Day. Then, the kid draws a second heart for a box of chocolates, and so on.

The six learning activities include a free draw, where kids can get creative and draw shapes or write letters and words; drawing shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and hearts with the animated stories; learning to write capital and lowercase letter and numbers; and a hide and seek game, where kids can explore letters and numbers with a variety of animated animals. The tablet will first show kids how to write the letters and numbers before they can trace them. When they are done, kids will receive praise, although the tablet does not actually track whether kids successfully traced on the line or not.

Every part about this product is so thoughtful that no detail is left behind, from the adorable animations, to the clear sounds, to the responsiveness. Even the stylus is a chunky triangular shape, which is easy and comfortable for kids to grip. With the Write and Learn Touch Tablet, kids can truly go on a writing adventure.

Check out a quick demo of how it works below!