Wreck Royale

At the Los Angeles Auto Show last year, families got an early look at Wreck Royale, a new toy line from MGA Entertainment (MGAE) featuring crashing, “exploding” vehicles that kids can customize using a multitude of mix-and-match parts. Kids put the cars together, and as the name implies — they wreck ’em!

After all, kids love to crash toy cars, and that’s something that’s been happening since the earliest days of wooden toys. One of the challenges, however, is durability, to which many a sad kid and annoyed parent can attest. Few things are worse than a broken toy. That’s where Wreck Royale comes in. These rides from MGAE, maker of L.O.L. Surprise!,  are made to be crashed, bashed, and smashed — and then the pieces snap right back into place.

The free-wheeling hot rods feature “tooned-out” designs that are both chunky and stylish. Parents will notice the rat rod inspiration behind Ricky Rodder and the Dodge-style lines of Meatloaf. Kids will see awesome accessories like clown heads, bull horns, exhaust ports, and shark fins. When the vehicles wreck, it’s the front bumper that activates the ejection of all the other parts and sets off a spring-loaded arm underneath each vehicle to flip ’em over. Kids can put ’em back together as they were, or swap parts between vehicles for totally new creations.

Perhaps the best feature of Wreck Royale is the one that kids won’t notice but grownups will: These cars are durable and should last through many explosive play dates.