Netflix binging is now for all viewers.

While watching the Netflix series Word Party, created by the Jim Henson Co., kids can cuddle up with their favorite characters with the Word Party Snuggle & Play Babies plush, from Snap Toys.

The show, aimed for preschoolers and some of Netflix’s youngest viewers, teaches kids the alphabet and expands their vocabulary as they sing and play along with the baby animals. As the characters learn new words and social skills, kids are encouraged to join the party.

Each plush has a big, happy face and is equipped with an accessory sewn securely to their hands. Bailey the elephant and Kip the wallaby each come with a blanket, while Lulu the panda and Franny the cheetah each have a bottle. The 10-inch stuffed animals are perfect for bedtime or to keep kids company while watching the Netflix series.

Bailey is the most adorable character, IMO. In the show, Bailey helps with emotions and empathy and it makes me want to give the tiny elephant a big squeeze. Bailey’s big, soft ears and stout trunk certainly give me a lot of emotions. Franny, who leads the group with all her ideas, is vibrant yellow with her classic cheetah spots. Her beautiful green eyes match both her bottle and her outfit. Kip has the look of adventure in his eyes. As the funny one of the series, it’s easy to tell Kip is always looking to smile and spread happiness to others. Baby Lulu is the youngest of the characters. The precious plush has a little pink bow that accents her purple features and polka dot diaper.

Kids can build on their vocabulary even after the show is over with these new little pals. All of the lessons learned from the show can be carried over to play time as kids interact with their new favorite plush babies.