While there are many different Wonder Makers sets, from Fisher-Price, every budding architect needs to start somewhere. The Build Around Town Starter Set gives kids the chance to design and build an entire town — all while creating stories within it!

The kit comes with more than 75 pieces to build the town. Kids can follow the instructions or create something original all on their own. The wooden pieces can be used as a track for cars to pass along or to construct a building for the townspeople.

Preschoolers as young as 3 are encouraged to create using pieces that are made out of plastic and wood and designed to fit in smaller hands. Each set can be combined with the other ones to create a city almost as big as New York — but one that can still fit comfortably in the toybox when not in use. 

The other sets in the collection include a delivery depot, a schoolyard, a recycling plant, a beach bungalow, and a campground. Parents can also buy extension packs and additional cars. 

Kids practice their design skills in order to create the town. Once it’s built, they can use the included characters to tell stories and let their imaginations run wild. Kids can create a story based on anything from a beach vacation to a day for running errands, allowing them to incorporate each part of the town into the storytelling.

Check out Wonder Makers in action below!