Most of the dolls we see in the toy aisles have one major thing in common: they’re girls. We’ve seen Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Doll, Luvabella, Flip Zee Girls and so many more just this year! Don’t get me wrong, they’re all wonderful, but not every child can personally identify with these figures. Play Monster seized the opportunity to create a line of action figure/plush hybrids designed to inspire boys. Enter Wonder Crew!

As their theme song boasts, “together, we can save the day,” Wonder Crew is a line (or should I say crew) of superhero boy dolls. Donned in a shiny red cape, red uniform, and red satin eye mask, each boy comes ready to rescue. Kids can choose from Will, Erik, James, or Marco, each modeled from a different ethnic background. These dolls provides kids with the adventure of an action figure, with the emotional connection of a favorite stuffed animal.

Mechanically, they’re half action figure and half stuffed animal. Each buddy has a plastic head and limbs, but the midsection is soft and plush. These boys can sit down on your lap and are very lightweight, allowing for easy on-the-go fun. But kids won’t just be flying their Wonder Crew pal solo when called to duty. Included is a kid-sized cape and face mask identical to the Wonder Crew buddy’s. Kids will be twinning and winning, all while they save the day with their new bestie.

The fun never ends with Wonder Crew Buddies. If kids get sick of playing superhero, additional accessory packs can be purchased to switch up the adventure and allow kids to dress-up. Check out the Explorer Pack, Snuggler Pack, Builder Pack, and a Construction Pack. Each comes with an outfit for the doll and a matching piece for his owner. TBH, any pups out there might get jealous if their human gets a Wonder Crew Buddy —kids will quickly cling to this new pal.

So, who’s ready to save the day?