The H2OGo! Snow 36-Inch Winter Swirl Snow Tube | Source: Bestway/the Toy Insider

Ready or not, here winter comes!

The H2OGo! Snow 36-inch Winter Swirl Snow Tube from Bestway might just be the best way to prepare. It’s a colorful, large snow tube that kids can use to fly down any hill. It’s safe, sturdy, and easy to inflate and deflate.

My grandparents live in upstate New York where each winter regularly sees more than 9 feet of snow throughout the season. My childhood was spent at high speeds traveling down their hill, hoping not to land on the road and running quickly back when I did. As the older cousin, I was often responsible for carrying the sled back up the 1,000-foot-long hill (it’s possible it was smaller). So, please trust me when I say that the Winter Swirl snow tube is lightweight and easy to carry. Kids don’t have to feel like they’re doing a chore by getting it back up the hill and they can just focus on having fun.

The Winter Swirl Snow Tube in the outside. | Source: Bestway

The bright green, orange, and blue colors mean parents can spot kids wherever they are playing — even if the snow is still coming down. Parents will also like that it’s easy to inflate and deflate — plus kids won’t get impatient waiting to play. We’ve had one in our office since October and it hasn’t lost any air. Although our office isn’t as cold as a garage may get, the snow tube features Polar-Shield, weather-resistant material to keep it from cracking and freezing in cold temperatures.

With a weight capacity of 198 pounds and a 36-inch diameter, kids ages 6 and up have plenty of room to make themselves comfortable as they fly — and parents can even take it for a spin. The oversized handles make it possible for large gloves to fit in so kids can stay warm as they play. Let it snow!