wing a bubbles

The only thing better than bubbles is bubbles made easy!

Wing-A-Bubbles from ZURU amps up your summer bubble party without amping up the price tag.

These character-themed bubble wands come in six different characters: a bee, a parrot, a bat, a butterfly, a flying squirrel, and a pterosaur. Although I am famously always partial to the dinosaur version of anything, all of the Wing-A-Bubble characters are incredibly cute. They are fun and colorful illustrations that kids will love. Kids simply dip the Wing-A-Bubbles into the bubble solution, and wave their hands to create endless bubbles.

The best part is that if your kid loves more than one character, Wing-A-Bubbles won’t break the bank. A summertime budget-friendly favorite, each wand is only $1.99, meaning that you can stock up on enough for multiple bubble parties, or for the whole family to get outside and play together.

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Of course, that also means that Wing-A-Bubbles are great for outdoor, active fun. Especially now that it’s summer and the nice weather seems here to stay, kids can get up and away from their screens for some good, old-fashioned active play. Fresh air can help out with that cooped-up, cabin fever feeling, and — of course — kids (and adults, amiright?) love bubbles.

Plus, without all the huffing and puffing, these super fun bubble wands make blowing tons of bubbles fun for kids, and a lot less frustrating. Parents will love that there is an included bubble solution tray to keep the bubble mess at bay — well, as best you can (it’s a helpful tool, not a miracle worker). When kids are done playing, simply wipe the Wing-A-Bubbles clean so they’re ready to go for next time.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity or low price point; Wing-A-Bubbles will bring endless bubble fun to your summertime play.