If you’ve got a kiddo who just cannot get enough of animals and wildlife, check out one of these board games featuring wildlife animals. It’s also a great opportunity to sneak in additional learning during your next family game night.

Playing board games with kids helps them practice mental math, strategic thinking, and problem-solving. Spark your kids’ interest in learning more about wildlife with these game suggestions. 



Ecosystem is a card drafting game by Genius Games. The game is designed using accurate science, creating an entertaining way to teach players about wildlife biology. Players build diverse and sustainable ecosystems of wild animals. Gameplay teaches about the balance between wildlife, habitats, and the food chain.

Ages: 10+
MSRP: $14.99
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Professor Noggin’s Wildlife Safari by Outset is a trivia card game featuring safari animals. There are two difficulty levels to keep the questions challenging and interesting. There is an entire series of Professor Noggin card games covering a variety of educational topics such as birds, ocean life, geography, and more.

Ages: 7+
MSRP: $15.95
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Wild Kratts Race Around the World by Pressman is a good option for younger children. Players race around to collect Creature Power Suit cards from four different habitats. If someone collects a Creature Power Suit and a Creature Power Disc from one habitat, they unlock a secret path. The first player to collect a Creature Power Suit from each habitat wins the game. 

Ages: 5+
MSRP: $14.99
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Animal Upon Animal is a dexterity game by HABA that is fun for kids and adults. Players take turns stacking their wooden animal pieces upon the pile without knocking any down. It is an exciting way for kids to strengthen fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

Ages: 4+
MSRP: $24.99
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Concept Kids: Animals by Repos Production is a communication and deductive reasoning board game. It is based on the original Concept game but modified as a cooperative board game in order to play with children who are not yet able to read. There are 110 animals to be guessed through the placement of pawns on illustrated features.

Ages: 4+
MSRP: $29.99
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Planet is a unique 3D game from Blue Orange Games. Players compete to create the most populated world. Players take turns adding and arranging different landscape tiles to their planet core. You win animal cards by fulfilling conditions with certain landscapes. 

Ages: 8+
MSRP: $27.99
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Wingspan, a woman designed board game, published by Stonemaier Games. The game features over 100 different North American birds. Players work on attracting birds to three different habitats on their player mat. Each bird is beautifully drawn on a card along with its wingspan, nest type, type of food it eats, and an interesting fact.

Ages: 14+
MSRP: $58.99
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So whether celebrating a bird or a Beluga whale, have a ‘rawring’ good time with one of these games!