OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKids love to collect, but the best collectibles provide kids with lots of play value. Crashlings, from Wicked Cool Toys, are great new collectibles for kids that provide fun play experiences in addition to the thrill of collecting.

Mutant Meteors from Outer Space, Crashlings are 1-inch collectible figures that are packed and travel inside a rubber-flex meteor, designed for kids ages 5 and up. Great for travel, the meteors ensure the Crashlings don’t get lost while doubling as another medium of fun branding. But—it doesn’t stop there. Each meteor has the power to blast more than five feet into the air, giving kids another way to play. This takes a bit of practice, and kids might have some trouble at first, but once you get the flip down—you can’t stop! The meteors come in different colors, depending on what breed of Crashling is inside. Kids can choose from aliens, insects, underwater, dinosaurs, and monsters. The first series includes more than 155 Crashlings to collect with special rares, ultra rares, and retired editions.

While collecting and launching Crashlings is tons of fun on its own (and for a very low price point), the line also includes exciting play sets. The Catapult City play set is the largest in the line, and gives kids an out-of-this-world experience with their Crashlings. The set features a meteor attack release, high-speed ramp action, a catapult meteor launcher, stack and crash buildings, a fierce arena, and a blasting zipline. The set even comes with three exclusive Crashlings, providing kids the perfect way to get their collection started. What I love most about the set is that it gives kids ways to play with their crashings in and out of the meteors. They can transport the Crashlings via zipline, roll the meteors down the ramp, and battle as many Crashlings as they want. There are so many levels of play all in one play set, parents can rest assured that their kids will do more than simple collect their Crashlings.