Ecto-1ABelieve it or not, next month marks 35 years since Ghostbusters first graced the silver screen and 30 years since its sequel, Ghostbusters II, debuted. To celebrate, Playmobil expands its licensed Ghostbusters collection with an Ecto-1A set and new collectible figures, designed for kids and collectors ages 6 and up.

Once assembled, the Ecto-1A looks like it rolled straight off the screen. Using stickers and other detailed parts (assembly takes about an hour), kids can perfectly recreate the Ghostbusters’ revamped car from the second movie, down to the satellite dish on top and the “We’re back for hire, Ghostbusters” signs on the roof.

The upgraded Ecto also features light and sound effects, the new Ghostbusters logo (with the ghost holding up two fingers), and a pink slime splat in homage to the major slime threat the team faces during the movie.

The set includes figures of all four Ghostbusters, along with their paranormal weapons. Kids can remove the car’s roof to discover seats for the whole team, as well as slots to store their proton packs and other gear. There is even a hologram pyramid included with the set that, when used with a companion app, can project ghost holograms.

This set’s biggest strength is that it will appeal both to the movies’ adult fans — thanks to its notable attention to detail — and to kids who enjoy creating their own adventures. The various accessories, easy access to the car’s interior, and the light and sound features all generate endless imaginative play possibilities, even for kids who haven’t seen the Ghostbusters in action on screen.

Generally, assembling the car is straightforward. Younger kids may need an adult’s assistance with some of the stickers if they want them perfectly straight, but the photo-based instructions make building the car easy for all ages — no reading required.

But wait, there’s more! While the figures included with the Ecto-1A fit perfectly inside the vehicle, Playmobil’s collector’s size Ghostbuster figures will need a bit more room. The collectible figures stand an impressive 6 inches tall — an enlarged version of the regular Playmobil figures of the team.

Zeddemore, Stantz, Spengler, and Venkman are each sold separately, and they each come with character-specific, ghost-busting accessories. Despite their larger size, the figures’ arms, legs, and heads can move just like the smaller figures. Because they are a limited edition, these figures are also restricted to 12,500 pieces each.

These figures each make a great collector’s piece, but they are also a perfect size for kids to take on the go and act out adventures with their favorite member of the team. Plus, it’s much easier to keep track of the figures’ slightly larger accessories.

In addition to their real-world play value, each Ghostbuster also comes with codes to unlock content in the Ghostbusters World mobile game.

So hurry up and grab your proton packs — ghost-busting adventures await!