Whenever I turn on the TV, I go straight for the cake decorating shows. Never mind the fact that you’ll rarely find me actually baking something in the kitchen myself, but there’s just something about cake decorating that’s mesmerizing. Now, kids can whip up some pretend treats of their own with the Whipple Starter Set, by Epoch Everlasting Play, no baking skills required!

This whimsical set for kids ages 7 and up includes everything kids need to decorate their own miniature play desserts, with a variety of options that’ll fit right in at the pastry shop. The treats include pocket-sized candy-colored cakes, a two-tier cake, a cupcake, an ice cream cone, and a baby blue cat-shaped macaron, all ready to be dressed up.

To decorate, there’s a pastry bag full of fake icing (also known as “whipple crème”) that looks tempting enough to eat. Resist the urge to sneak a taste (seriously, it’s not edible), and pipe the crème into designs on top of the plastic cake molds to add personality. Kids can make them unique by getting creative with DIY plastic fruit toppings, fake sugar flowers with leaves, and shimmering beads and pearls that they can press down into the icing to set. No detail is spared – kids can even wrap the desserts with decorative paper cut-outs made to look like pastry wrappers.

If kids want to get their icing skills up to par, they can practice their piping techniques on the instructional sheets, which give lessons on how to make frosting stars, swirls, and spirals that’ll rival the pros on TV.

Once all the finishing touches are in place, the icing takes around two days to dry completely, but it’s worth the wait! When completed, kids will have a fully decorated array of treats that they can play with or display as a collection.

The Whipple Starter Set also comes with a wearable plastic ring and two key chains so kids can take their desserts to go. Too bad the creative confections aren’t edible, because they’ll definitely inspire major dessert cravings. I don’t know about you, but I could really go for a slice of cake right about now.