what's in the box

The new craze of online videos where YouTube stars and celebrities guess weird, mystery items inside a box only by touch has gone viral, and now, kids — and players of all ages, really — can bring the viral game home with the What’s in the Box? challenge box from Blip Toys, arriving on store shelves this May.

The object of the game is to stump other players by finding difficult-to-guess household items to place inside. The game gets increasingly harder as players have only 10 seconds to feel the object before making a final prediction.

The game includes a Challenge Box, complete with doors that open and armholes on the side to stick your hands through, as well as a built-in timer, bags to store mystery items, and scorecard sheets.

Before the game begins, players uses their black bags to hold and conceal two mystery, random, and challenging items that their opponents will need to guess. Items can be anything, such as a roll of toilet paper, a spoon, a blueberry, a container of glitter; the possibilities are limitless. (Safety tip: The instructions do note that items that could cause bodily injury or harm, including sharp objects, chemicals, and live animals should not be placed inside where the guesser cannot see.)

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To play, kids will take turns guessing. Each player will start the timer, place their hands in the holes on the sides of the closed box and feel the hidden item inside without looking. Each guess will be documented on scorecards before the Challenger reveals what was placed inside. For each correct answer, players gain a point, and after all everyone has made it through all the items, the player with the highest score wins.

There are many more ways to play the game, including adding more players, rounds, or switching up objects such as a mashed banana or slime-covered toy to up the difficulty level in an attempt to stump your opponents.

There’s a lot of trust needed for this family-friendly game because you could be touching anything. For example, does a glow stick feel a certain way? Or does a singular berry feel weird to touch without other senses? The notion that literally anything could be in that box places blind faith into competitive opponents’ hands, which makes the game an excellent way to test out trustworthiness amongst friends.