Water Balloons for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and what does Dad like more than anything? He likes to get totally soaking wet!

No? He doesn’t? Have you asked him?

For me, epic fun for Father’s Day is our annual water balloon/squirt gun battle. That’s right: The only thing I ask for for Father’s Day is a giant battle with tons of water balloons and squirt guns. We have done this for the past few years, and it has been glorious!

Now, please bear with me. Dads spend probably 347 days a year being concerned about bills, upkeep of the home, and things happening at work. That’s some real big time responsibility stuff, and I say 347 days a year because there has to be a vacation in there at some point, right? Yet, on Father’s Day, are you going to remind dad of his responsibilities by getting him a lame old tie or something equally boring? No! You are going to make his day epic and fun!

There is something about a water balloon fight that lets people just get loose and have fun. Case in point, my own Dad. We did our water balloon fight this past Father’s Day at my parent’s house in Cape Cod. To my surprise, my parents came out and joined in our backyard fun, and I saw my own Dad in a whole new light—free of responsibility and having a good time. I think that is what all Dads need on Father’s Day.

The best way to set up an epic water balloon fight is with Bunch O Balloons. These are the easiest water balloons to set up by far. Made by ZURU, you don’t have to fumble with any filling and tying of balloons. Just attach the balloons to the hose and fill up them in less than a minute, giving you 30 balloons in one shot all filled and ready to throw. If I had these as a kid, I’d be playing with them all the time and dominating the neighborhood water wars.

Best Father’s Day Gift Idea

This year, forget the ties and boring gifts. Get Dad a couple of packages of Bunch O Balloons and a new swimsuit, and then tell him to put it on and meet you in the backyard. Get everyone soaked and laughing, and then have Dad grill up some dinner. Yes! Grilling up Dad’s Father’s Day dinner is not a chore for him. He loves being master of the grill and making food for the whole family. Plus, he can warm up after all those water balloons.