Wet Head

Who would have thought a game of roulette would best be played wearing a bathing suit?

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, Wet Head, from Zing, gives kids the chance to relish the excitement of roulette without the 21 and over atmosphere of a Las Vegas casino. With Wet Head, kids take a different type of gamble as they take turns pulling pins from a helmet fitted with a water container on top. Pull the wrong pin, and a wet head is what you’ll get. If this all sounds ridiculously fun, that’s because it is.

Included in the box is one spinner, one Wet Head hat, one water container, one water container plug, and eight red pins or rods, as I like to call them. Before the game begins, players must first lock the blue water container onto the top of the Wet Head hat. After placing all eight rods into the holes of the water container, players can remove the top plug and add water. Pro tip: Be fearless and fill it with the coldest water possible.

To start, the most valiant player takes the Wet Head hat and places it on his or her head. Then, that player straps in nice and tight using the rubber strap connected to the hard hat. The headgear makes you look like a construction worker who just likes to get a little silly sometimes, but it certainly adds more humor to the game. The helmet is surprisingly comfortable and should fit nicely on the heads of both kids and adults. That’s right parents—there’s no getting out of this one.  Next, players take turns wearing the hat and spinning the spinner, which either specifies a number of rods to remove from the water container or offers to spare them a soaking with a skipped turn. There’s even a “pull one pin and spin again” option, which, in all likelihood, will leave players whispering “oh please, no” as the spinner takes its time determining their fate. While there are eight pins in total, only one releases the water, making it a game of luck and chance rather than skill. Essentially, this levels the playing field so kids of all ages can enjoy a game together. Players that complete their turn without getting wet get to pass the Wet Head to someone else.

For even more fun, kids can download the free Wet Head Challenge mobile app, which will be available on iOS and Android devices in March. The app includes a handful of challenging trivia questions and even a recording feature so kids can capture the moment their friends get drenched. Players that correctly answer their question get to pass the Wet Head to the next player. Asking questions (regardless of whether or not you are using the app) adds another great dimension to the game and opens the door for new and exciting variations of play.