We want your kids to ride into spring on awesome new balance bikes, scooters, and more from our friends at Yvolution. From March 16 through 20, scoot on over to our Twitter page to enter our Week of Ride-Ons giveaway! We’ll give away a different Yvolution ride-on each and every day, so you and your kids can kick off the sunny season the right way!

Every morning at 10 a.m., check our Twitter page (@TheToyInsider) and complete the entry tweet task, pinned to the top of our page! We’ll pick one lucky winner the next day at 9 a.m.– giving you plenty of time to enter! Don’t forget to use the official hashtag: #YWeRide.

Check out the great prizes below:

Monday, March 16

ScuttleBug, ages 1+ (max 44 lbs)

Yvolution_Scuttle Bug Beetle

The ScuttleBug is a unique ride-on with a friendly character face that teaches toddlers to push and steer. Kids simply sit and use their little legs to push and go. This innovative three-wheeled trike is designed with stability in mind. Its front-wheel steering allows kids to move around easily while developing their balance and steering skills. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, ScuttleBug’s non-scratch wheels are specially designed for a smooth and quiet ride. This first ride-on features a simple patented three-click folding system that allows the trike to fold flat, making it portable and easy to store. Once folded, ScuttleBug becomes an on-the-go companion. Its handlebars become antennas and its wheels, arms and legs, bringing the beetle character to life. See it in action:

Tuesday, March 17

Y Glider 3-in-1, ages 3+ (max 44 lbs)


This innovative three-wheeled scooter grows with kids, offering three stages of fun and play: In stage one, the Y Glider 3-in-1 is the perfect first ride-on for toddlers with a secure seat for riding. In stage two, parents can remove the seat so that the child can start to scoot using the stable wide riding platform and lower handlebar setting. In stage three, parents can fully extend the handlebar height and watch their child scoot off using Y Glider’s easy-to-use, patented “Lean to Steer” method of steering, improving their balance and coordination along the way. Y Glider 3-in-1 is extremely durable with enhanced wheels for smooth ride and motion (two front wheels and a wide rear wheel), a stable riding platform with grip tape for superior performance, and an easy-touch rear wheel brake for quick and easy stopping. Its lightweight design even allows children to carry the scooter themselves. See it in action:

Wednesday, March 18

Y Velo Balance Bike, ages 3-5 (max 40 lbs)


Y Velo Balance Bike is a training bicycle that helps preschoolers learn how to steer and balance. It allows kids to build the confidence they need to ride more traditional bicycle with pedals—no training wheels required! Y Velo Balance Bike is easy to ride, which makes it the perfect first bike. Kids are seated at the perfect heights, allowing their little legs to reach the ground comfortably. To get going, they simply walk to ride and then, eventually, run and cruise. Children can easily and safely control when they stop by placing their legs firmly on the ground. A built-in steering limiter also allows kids to maintain control of how much they turn. The bike’s wide tires provide a steady ride across many terrains, taking kids from the sidewalk to the boardwalk to the soccer field.  Padded handgrips, an ergonomically designed seat, and shock absorbing wheels give little riders extra comfort. Y Velo Balance Bike features an adjustable seat and handle bars that grow with kids. This bike has no training wheels or pedals. See it in action:

Thursday, March 19

Y Scoot Style, ages 5+ (max 155 lbs)

Yvolution_Y Scoot Style

This cool ride reinvents the traditional scooter with an innovative and stylish design. Y Scoot Style is a non-folding scooter with a single-piece steel frame and a sleek, curved tube design. Unlike other scooters with folding mechanisms, Y Scoot Style has no rattling loose parts. It features a slip-resistant transparent deck with extra rubber grips, and long-lasting polyurethane wheels for a fast, smooth ride. Anti-vibration rubber handgrips provide extra comfort, a rear-wheel brake allows for safe and easy stopping, and a removable handlebar makes for easy travel and storage. Kids can take this sturdy, yet lightweight scooter anywhere they want to go in style. See it in action:

Friday, March 20

Y Fliker A1 Air, ages 5+ (max 105 lbs)

Yvolution_Y Fliker A1 Air

The Y Fliker Air Series is a new family of revolutionary, patented three-wheeled scooters that will get kids up and active! Riders simply move their hips and legs from side to side (just like downhill skiing) to get going and keep using their body power for self-propelling fun. (No more kicking the pavement like with two-wheeled scooters!). The Y Fliker A1 Air’s reinforced steel tubing, three-wheeled design, and enhanced foot grips make it sturdy, stable, and easy to balance. Its super light-weight and sleek design, combined with performance-rated wheels, also allows this free-style scooter to perform smooth carving and drifting actions. The quick-response hand brake offers kids increased control and ensures a safe ride. Y Fliker A1 Air also sports anti-vibration hand grips for extra comfort, and can be stored away easily thanks to its twist and stow folding system. See it in action:

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