Ditch your token pool volleyball this summer. There’s a new ball making a splash and it resembles your favorite after-swim snack.

Watermelon Ball, by PlaSmart, is a fillable pool ball that resembles a watermelon. It’s ripe, plump, firm, and heavy like an actual watermelon. But unlike the actual fruit, it’s meant for play. The ball is neutrally buoyant and looks and feels like a watermelon in water.  It won’t splatter if dropped, tossed, rolled or dribbled. It also won’t attract any fruit flies.

The key behind Watermelon Ball is it’s filled with water. To fill Watermelon Ball, you must attach the included hose adapter to your garden hose. The ball comes with filling needles and detailed instructions on how to inflate. Once your Watermelon Ball has been pumped to plump, it’s game time. While it’s heavy to toss outside the pool, it earns mobility when dunked underwater, making it easy to pass the ball to other swimmers. The unique ball even includes game instructions for family fun with a competitive edge.

The game of Watermelon Ball works like this: Two equally matched teams compete to score points by successfully getting the Watermelon Ball to the goal without being hindered by opponents. Typically, the pool decks on opposite sides of the pool will act as goals and players must touch the deck with the ball to score, but families can set their own goals as they please.

Watermelon Ball is similar to water rugby, but all passes must be underwater to count. The Watermelon Ball is specifically engineered for underwater play. While the ball can be carried out of the water, it cannot be thrown in the air, or it will result in a turnover to the other team. Players may dunk, hold, pull, or body block opponents in play. The first team to score five points is deemed the Watermelon Ball winner.

Depending on the level of competitiveness among players, this game can get rough, so we strongly recommend adhering to PlaSmart’s age recommendation of 8 and up. We also suggest that a parent steps in as referee and prepares the ball for play.

Our suggestion: The winning team of Watermelon Ball gets dibs on actual slices of watermelon after the game!

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