waterfulsAny child of the ’80s will have a major flashback to the simpler days of play when they see this Waterfuls game from Kahootz Toys. Whether you are nostalgic or a newbie, this will become a household favorite.

Those who root for retro will enjoy the classic play pattern they once knew and loved. Then the new generation of mini-players will love this toy they will think is brand new! Gift-givers and classic game lovers will appreciate the absence of screens, cords, or batteries. The set up (and use) is simple—just add water then swirl, shoot, and score!

This updated version, however, enables you to choose from six different game panels to challenge yourself over and over again. Simply slide the game card in the grooves on the back of the toy and enjoy the “whoosh” of water-filled fun. Parents will appreciate that the game cards tuck neatly away when the fun is done for easy storage (and minimal misplacement).

The dimensions enable portable play for fun in the car, or on an airplane, or in other uses too. This parent thinks it can be a good toy to give to kids during the time they are learning to potty train in lieu of an iPod or iPad. So, it is great on the go—or when you have to go! The Waterfuls is also a grandparent essential. It is an easy toy to pull out when the grandkids come visit. When the guests leave, just empty the water and it will be ready for the next family visit!