618JmD9WO+L._SL1500_I’m not one to brag, but when I was younger, I dubbed myself queen of water balloon fights (perhaps I still hold that title today). I spent countless sweltering summer days outside in serious water balloon fights with my friends. We used the oversized hose nozzle to get water, which would get us soaked before the fight even started because of too much water pressure, and our hands ended up smelling like rubber from spending forever to tie the balloons. More often than not, it took more time to prepare the water balloons than it took for the battle to endure. With the KAOS Portable Battle Pump Station from Imperial Toy, all of my childhood water balloon problems have been solved.

Optimal for kids ages 8 and up, the Battle Pump Station is as awesome as it sounds. Filling up water balloons has never been easier with the help of the pump and patented Tie Not Stick attached to the pump—hands down, my favorite part about this product. Kids simply need to place the balloon over the nozzle and pump it with water. Without removing the balloon, kids stretch it under the Tie Not Stick, loop it over, remove the balloon from the nozzle, slide it through a slot on the stick, and pull the balloon off. This feature saves a lot of time when making water balloon ammunition, and is really great for kids who have trouble tying knots.

The product comes with 250 biodegradable KAOS water balloons, which means that you don’t have to worry about picking up all of the pieces in the yard when the balloons pop. Additional water balloons are available for purchase. The portability of the Battle Pump Station allows kids to have epic water balloon fights on the go, facilitated by the handle on the pump. The product also comes in four colors: red, blue, pink, and green.

The KAOS Portable Battle Pump Station product is something I wish I had as a kid. Not only is it buckets load of fun (and water?), it is super affordable. This simple design and operation being a piece of cake allows everyone to be queens—and kings!—of water balloon fights.