Aug 12 JengaJenga Giant will join the Jenga brand that has sold more than 70 million games worldwide. 
Manufactured and distributed by Art’s Ideas, Jenga Giant uses the same rules as Classic Jenga and comes with 54 precision cut, high quality, polished hardwood blocks in a sturdy box designed as a game play platform and for easy storage and transport.

Jenga Giant is perfect for backyard BBQs, birthday and holiday celebrations, college parties, and everywhere people gather together to have fun. Jenga Giant is recommended for one or more players ages 10 and up. It includes a sturdy carry bag for easy travel. It also includes a white Chalk Ink Marker to write personalized messages on the blocks, which can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Lastly, it includes a strong, clear acrylic play base that seems to disappear, giving the illusion that the massive tower is floating in the air. This base makes it easy to play in the sand and on other uneven surfaces, and raises the game off the ground so players can stay on their feet, constantly moving around the tower, turning Jenga Giant into an active sport rather than a table game. The game will be available at Amazon and additional retailers this month.