Sidewalk Chalk Stampers Allow for Pavement Perfection

Kids can stamp their way into creativity this spring.

RoseArt’s new Washable Sidewalk Chalk Super Chalk Stampers let kids ages 3 and up create beautiful masterpieces on the pavement using powdered chalk and stencils.

The stamper is super easy to use. Once kids select their stencil and powder chalk color, they simply unsnap the cap, remove the puff, pour in the chalk, place the stencil inside, and seal it up. To stamp their design onto the sidewalk, they just place it face down. No pushing or twisting required!

Each set includes three colors of powder chalk, two jumbo chalk sticks, and three stencils. With the Sea Life set, kids can stamp a crab, a sea turtle, and a fish in pink, purple, and orange, and complete their seascape using the blue and green chalk sticks. With the Spring Time kit, kids can use the purple, yellow, or light pink powder to stamp a bumble bee, a flower, and a butterfly, and apply the finishing touches with the green and tan chalk sticks.

All of the chalk washes away with water, so kids can have a fresh canvas with just a spray of the hose.

Kids can use the stampers to create flawless designs every time, adding fun, whimsical elements to their chalkscapes. These stampers will help keep creativity flowing all summer long.



Manufacturer: RoseArt
MSRP: $7.99

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