Say goodbye to sore backs, scraped knees, and chalky hands. The solution to everyone’s chalk problems is now here.

Walkie Chalk LLC introduces Walkie Chalk, a new way to play with a classic medium and poses the question, “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” It has a patented chalk-holding foam technology that lets kids and adults easily draw with chalk on any surface.

For ages 3 and up, the final product will include chalk, but kids can also use nearly any sidewalk chalk they already have—including square and round shaped ones! The product is made of three pieces and is 36 inches long when put together. Kids and adults can easily assemble and dissemble the tubes together for storage.

Walkie Chalk is launching for one month on April 12 on Kickstarter. Crowdfunded orders will ship once the campaign ends, and then Walkie Chalk will be available at the Walkie Chalk website, Amazon, and other retailers on May 12.