Sidewalk chalk lets kids design colorful masterpieces right on the pavement, brightening up summer fun while letting creativity soar. But there’s nothing worse than sore knees, aching wrists, and painful imprints from coarse gravel that come after hours of kneeling on the sidewalk. Not to mention the fun of getting chalk stains out of clothes when kids wipe their hands on their shirt, or accidentally sit on their creations.

But Walkie Chalk fixes all of these problems—and a few more. Walkie Chalk is a simple plastic device that assembles in less than 30 seconds and allows kids to play with sidewalk chalk in a new way. Just grab the three-foot chalk holder, insert the chalk into the foam insert, and get to drawing—all while standing up. No more messy hands, no more ruined clothes.

Walkie Chalk also keeps kids active while they create. Whether it’s vibrant scenery, hop-scotch boards, or games of tic-tac-toe, kids are standing and moving the whole time, rather than sitting and risking scraped knees.

Walkie Chalk comes in three pieces, so you can detach some parts for smaller, shorter kids, making it great for ages 3 and up. Plus, if adults want to get in on the fun, they can engage in playtime with ease.

The chalk holder accommodates both square and round sticks of sidewalk chalk, but only two are included, so make sure you have your favorite Crayola assortment on hand. The chalk sits in the holder very tightly, which ensures it doesn’t move while kids draw, but also makes it a bit difficult to get chalk in and out—so make sure kids have an adult or big kid nearby to help out with this process.

Walkie Chalk is available in lucky lime or tropical teal, both bright and bold colors, and at just $14.99 each, kids may not even have to choose which one they like best. A super simple new device, Walkie Chalk allows adults and kids to play with sidewalk chalk easily and without any complications. This affordable new playtime staple will be a hit in any household all summer long.