Wacky Packages Minis Series 2 | Source: Super Impulse/the Toy Insider

Make room for more wacked-out, mini-versions of familiar brands, like Bald-Aid in place of Band-Aid and Sneez-It instead of Cheez-It.

Super Impulse is expanding its successful line of miniature toys with Wacky Packages Minis Series 2. The collectibles continue to spoof popular household brands with new toys and stickers in fun blind boxes.

The release of series one last year was a hit with collectors and kids. In fact, Target sold out of the products in a matter of weeks. The new series features five “New Skool” mini-toys, as well as one inspired by the original “Old Skool” stickers from The Topps Co. that started it all. Series two includes 82 products to collect and trade with three unique levels of rarity — with Fuggetaboutit as the rarest of all.

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Super Impulse and Topps plan to introduce more mini-collectibles in the future, including micro-sized Garbage Pail Kids figures coming soon.

Wacky Packages Minis Series 2 is available now at most major retailers.