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The Sort & Go Helicopter, from VTech, is a great way for little ones to get familiar with shapes, colors, animals, and opposites. Kids ages 1 to 3 can turn on the toy and hear 20 songs and tunes, watch the windshield light up, sort the blocks, spin the propellers, and push or pull the helicopter along. When kids press the “up” and “down” or “stop” and “go” buttons, they learn about opposites. The top propeller also features numbers, for added learning value.

One of my favorite things about the Sort & Go Helicopter is how durable and high-quality it feels. It’s made of sturdy, smooth plastic and has a little weight to it, making it feel like a toy that can stand up to kids’ rough-and-tumble play. I also like that this toy is approachable from all angles. The opposites buttons and three of the shape sorter slots are on one side, while the fourth shape slot and the opening to the helicopter’s body are on the other. The propellers are on the back and on the top, and the front of the helicopter features a light-up windshield, a puppy pilot, and a pull-string. The bottom of the toy features wheels that click along as it moves. The bright colors are cute and stimulating for little ones.

Kids love to sort things, and with the Sort & Go Helicopter, kids can fit four blocks through the side of the toy in their respective shapes. Each block is a different color and features a different animal, giving kids three different ways to sort and learn. This is a great toy for young children to play with, learn with, and interact with.