VTech is bringing kids ages 4 and up the Kidizoom Smartwatch, the smartest watch for kids.

VTech.KidizoomSmartWatchRight away kids will know that this is not just an average watch. Featuring a touch screen and a camera, this watch does way more than any one they’ve ever seen. Kids can capture pictures, shoot video, play games, set alarms, and record voices with just one touch.

The Kidizoom Smartwatch is available in pink, blue, green, and white, and the wristband is super soft and flexible making it a comfortable fit for any size wrist. The screen is the perfect size for little fingers without being too bulky to wear all day. And the best part – the watch is splash proof for every day play so parents won’t have to worry about kids wearing it outside.

VTech.KidizoomSmartWatch2Kids will have so much fun navigating the watch and discovering endless functions. Little things like changing the clock’s display to something creative and quirky is just one way kids can customize their watch. Kids can take photos (simply point, click or touch, and shoot!) and add a fun filter, frame or color effect to really personalize it and make it their own. Using the included USB cable (which doubles as the watches’ battery charger) parents can upload their kids’ photos and videos onto the computer at home.

Aside from the endless play value, there’s a great deal of educational value as well. Four learning games are built in, including Super Detective, Rotating Puzzle, and Finger Dance. Kids can easily swipe through to choose a game and as they play, they’ll secretly be challenging their memories and more. There are even parental controls that allow parents to set a game time limit per day for their kids – this can be set to no time limit or a 30-, 60-, or 90-minute limit per day.