VTech’s new Flipsies line combines traditional role play with collectible dolls and accessories—AND VTech’s MagicPoint interactive technology. The line is designed to empower girls to dream big and offers endless ways to play with unique features that capture kids’ imaginations.

Each of the eight dolls has unique a personality and interests, which make them not only great collector’s items, but relatable for kids. Their interests span from water sports to animals, singing, and traveling. All eight girls can “flip” from the real world into the dream world, transforming from little girl to doctor, rock star, princess,  teacher, and more. The cool thing about this line is that the play sets all flip as well, transforming from a real world play set to a dream world play set for double the fun play value.

One example of this is Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser. Sandy is a gal who loves swimming, diving, surfing, boating, scuba diving, and basically anything to do with water. It’s no surprise that Sandy then flips into a marine biologist! Her house flips from a place for her to make root bear floats into an ocean cruiser that lets her study animals as a marine biologist. The set features eight MagicPoint locations that lets kids hear unique phrases, whether Sandy is in her kitchen or driving her ocean cruiser. Plus, if you sit Sandy and a friend at the MagicChat table, you can hear them talk to each other. (Only the Sandy doll is included though—all other Flipsies dolls are sold separately!) This play set comes with 20 fun accessories to keep the Flipsies fun going.

In addition to Sandy, there are seven other Flipsies dolls. Meet all of them below:

Clementine: This girl is social, generous, and thoughtful. She loves making friends, entertaining, and having parties for her pals. She dreams of being a baker!

Carina: Carina is patient, optimistic, smart, passionate, and ambitious. She enjoys playing golf, but also dreams of being a doctor to help others.

Styla: Styla is fashionable, sensitive, sassy, and creative. She loves do-it-yourself projects, sewing, making jewelry, shopping, and giving her friends makeovers. All of this builds up to her dreams of being a fashion designer.

Grace: She’s kind, classy, perky, and free-spirited. She loves to dance, garden, and write in her diary. Grace dreams of being a princess.

Jazz: Jazz was born to perform and is interested in singing, traveling, entertaining friends, and playing instruments. She’s confident, talkative, funny, and, of course, dreams of being a rock star.

Lexi: Outgoing, enthusiastic, caring, and organized, Lexi thinks you can learn something new every day. She loves reading, learning, and playing sports (especially gymnastics!). Lexi dreams of being a teacher.

Eva: This pet-lover is caring, optimistic, courteous, thoughtful, and loyal, and has big dreams of being a veterinarian. Eva loves pet-sitting, being outdoors, having a picnic with friends, and being around all kinds of animals.

The entire Flipsies collection includes 10 play sets and eight dolls. Each of the dolls works with all Flipsies play sets and accessories.