Owlette, Gekko, and Catboy are always ready to save the day. But in the new PJ Masks tech toys, from VTech, they’re also ready to help any little hero conquer math, history, the alphabet, and more.

The PJ Masks Super Learning Watch, made for kids ages 3 and up, comes in three styles, each emulating one of the PJ Masks heroes. With a band made of soft rubber and a plastic flip cover protecting its screen, the watch is ready to withstand tough everyday wear.

It has all the features of a grown-up watch—a timer, alarm clock, and stopwatch—as well as nine different watch faces to choose from. Kids can also play four educational mini-games on the watch: Gekko-Mobile Pursuit (shapes), Running Math (simple addition), Flying Discs (numbers), and Ninjalino Numbers (counting). They can choose any of these functions by using the kid-friendly, image-only menu options. The watch also keeps its controls simple, with two side buttons, a center “okay” button, and a return-to-home button to control the watch.While the watch is practical for both learning and telling time, it also has value as a role-play toy. The watch resembles the amulets the PJ Masks characters wear to help them transform into their alter egos, so kids can pretend to be their favorite night-time hero. When kids press down on the closed watch cover, it will even play some PJ Masks theme music.
When first opening the watch, be sure that a parent reads the instructions for how to take the watch out of “try me” mode and unlock all of its features.
The PJ Masks Learning Headquarters, also designed for kids ages 3 and up, is a larger PJ Masks device with even more ways to learn and play. Kids can select one of three vehicle play modes: Owl Glider, Gekko-Mobile, or Cat-Car. They select the mode by placing a miniature model of the corresponding vehicle (included) on the tablet’s center slot.

Playing as any of the three vehicles, kids can choose from 12 different educational mini-games. They can visit one of four locations (a park, a funfair, a museum, or the PJ Masks Headquarters) in either science, math, or vehicle mode to play the games. As they play, kids will cover topics ranging from the butterfly life cycle to famous locations around the world. They play and control the tablet using the heroes’ vehicles, which work as a joystick control. Each of the toys feature animations and audio of favorite PJ Masks characters, including both the central trio and villains such as the Ninjalinos, Romeo, and Luna Girl.Any kid who loves PJ Masks will be sure to have a super time as they learn and play with these tech toys.