Marble Rush Ultimate Set | Source: VTech

Get ready to rush to major retailers — VTech’s Marble Rush line is out now.

With these new building sets, kids ages 4 and up can get creative by constructing their very own marble runs or follow the directions for some amazing designs. Either way, once they set the marbles loose, they’ll discover exciting action, sounds, and lights.

The Marble Rush line includes two sets to start: Ultimate and Launchpad. Each contains color-coded blocks and easy-to-follow building instructions so that kids can create courses from beginner-level to advanced. Every set can also be combined to create a massive course.

Marble Rush Launchpad Set | Source: VTech

With the Marble Rush Ultimate Set, kids roll through stunts and challenges with 145 pieces. It includes a Ferris wheel, a swirling cone (complete with a musical light show), ramps, fast tracks, launchers, and bases to hold it all together. Taking things out of this world, the Marble Rush Launchpad set comes with 89 pieces, including a musical light show and a light-up rocket ship.

The sets come with 10 marbles each, so when kids are done building they can get competing. The marbles can race down the track or stay in constant motion with the use of the launchers and the right setup.

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