The Gallop & Rock Learning Pony is an interactive, 2-in-1 toy that grows with kids and quickly transforms from a rocking horse to a ride-on. | Source: VTech

Saddle up for a fun learning experience with VTech’s Gallop & Ride Learning Pony!

First of all, this pony is super cute. Featuring bright yellow coloring, as well as a friendly, smiling face, this ride-on is covered in colorful buttons that will catch kids’ attention. It transforms from a rocking horse for kids as young as 1 to a foot-to-floor ride-on that kids can propel themselves on as they grow up to age 3. The pony features big grip handles for little kids to hold on to as they gain confidence to ride on their own.

The “learning” part of the Gallop & Rock Learning Pony comes in with the brightly colored buttons. When kids press the buttons, the toy introduces them to colors and action words, and even plays realistic pony sounds to spark kids’ imagination as they play. It also features a motion sensor that detects kids’ movement and responds with music and pony sounds that encourage them to rock and ride.

The Gallop & Ride Learning Pony also features a motion sensor that detects your child’s movement and responds with cheerful music and pony sounds to encourage them to rock and ride! | Source: VTech


This two-in-one ride-on grows with kids, so they can use it for years. And since it’s got that high-quality durability that VTech is known for, you can pass it down to younger siblings or other family/friends, so you can be sure you’re getting a lot of play value for your money. Or, if you have multiple little ones in the house, it’s a toy with which everyone can play!

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As with all VTech toys, the Gallop & Rock Learning Pony provides tons of imaginative play with a mix of early-learning and development skills. It’ll be a toy that kids will love to pull out in the playroom, and parents will feel satisfied that they’re getting educational benefits as they ride. It’s truly a win-win for everyone!

If your little one is ready to gallop into a good time, look no further than the Gallop & Ride Learning Pony. It’s sure to be the triple-crown winner of your home!