Growing up, I always loved craft projects, and always had plenty of coloring books to choose from. The easy part was always deciding on a design and coloring it in. The challenge? Ripping the page evenly out of the book so your precious artwork or chosen coloring page doesn’t get ripped in ruined in the process. With this new light-up art board, it makes coloring even easier and allows the focus to be on the fun part: the creative art!

With VTech’s DigiArt Color by Lights, the light-up board can identify coloring pages and share which color is used for each section to create a pretty picture worthy of a coveted place hanging on the fridge.

Slide a blank coloring sheet on the easel and pop down the orange clip to hold in place. When turned on, kids can select different modes, from coloring in pictures to connect-the-dot games. In “Color It” mode, the DigiArt Color by Lights says a color and a red LED light is visible through the paper where each color should go. Once finished with each section, press “OK” to move onto the next portion. The art board can sense the different designs, so whichever page is chosen, the drawing tablet can recognize the image to tell kids what to color to make a stellar picture.

The button in the upper-righthand-corner matches the sound heard with a color-changing option to reflect which color is in use. Kids can listen to the tablet’s advice and follow the trail of flashing LED lights on the paper as they begin to color in the picture.

Additionally, kids can choose Shapes, Objects, or Animals modes and connect the light-up dots to create a variety of patterns. Kids can select shapes from a variety of examples, and then, once selected, step-by-step instructions are given to complete the design.

The DigiArt includes 50 coloring pages, 10 blank pages, a dry-erase surface, a stencil card, and a pack of six rainbow crayons.

While doodling, the drawing tablet plays assorted instrumental melodies to make your art experience even more relaxing, including the iconic melody best known from The Nutcracker. Like other VTech products, the DigiArt features a volume control option, so parents can set the toy’s volume to a desirable sound level by pressing the volume icon until the right noise level is reached.

With a handle at the top, this tablet is easy for kids to take on-the-go for plenty of creative fun in store. Designed for kids ages 3 to 6, young artists can explore their creative sides with this portable drawing board and design all sorts of artwork. After coloring, these works of art deserve a prime spot on the fridge for everyone to enjoy.