Count & Learn Turtle

Exercising a child’s memory is a process that should never be rushed. Lucky for kids, some animals just naturally love to take it slow.

With the Count and Learn Turtle, from VTech, kids between the ages of 2 and 5 can take their time learning some basic, yet vital early math skills with their shelled friend by their side.

The Count and Learn Turtle is undoubtedly adorable, but he (or she) is much more than just a pretty face. Drenched in bright green colors, this reptile is fitted with 20 light-up push buttons and two rollers that allow kids to explore a variety of different shapes and colors. Using two AA batteries to get started, kids can toggle through five different learn and play modes using a little ladybug slider button atop the turtle’s back. The buttons are big and the rollers rotate with ease, which is ideal for tiny hands. Rollers

The first mode is simple. Here, young ones are free to press any numbered button they want, and when they do, they’ll hear the turtle speak the number they chose out loud. So for example, when I pressed the number nine, the Count and Learn Turtle responded with “This is the number nine! Let’s count together!” It then proceeded to count up to nine and give me praise for following along. Made me feel all warm inside. The buttons even light up as the turtle counts, making it easy for kids to follow along both with their ears and their eyes. Eager learners can also spin the rollers at the bottom to hear the turtle introduce various shapes, colors, and instruments. The second play mode nearly echoes this first one, except this time the turtle speaks and counts in Spanish in an effort to familiarize kids with a second language. OneUno

In the third play mode, kids have to memorize the order in which the numbers light up, and repeat the sequence based off of their memory. In the early levels the sequence is short, with just two numbers. During these beginner levels, the buttons will blink and guide kids through the order. As the levels get higher, the sequences get longer and the lights disappear after displaying the correct sequence. I really enjoyed this mode, particularly because I envisioned it being a real test for kids as they work to better their hand-eye coordination and memorization skills. Although they may struggle at first, it’s a great way to teach perseverance and the importance of effort. After all, not everything should come so easy.

Using the addition function, kids can practice their math skills and sharpen their number recognition. In this mode, the Count and Learn Turtle selects a number between one and 10. Next, kids choose their own number, and the turtle adds the two together. As the numbers are added, the numbered buttons light up one by one until the sum is reached. This allows kids to visually see the addition take place, fostering their math skills.

VTech’s Count and Learn Turtle facilitates the early learning process and allows kids to learn (and play) at their own pace. Because learning, like life, is a marathon, not a sprint.