Roll along with Cory Carson and friends!

VTech unveils a new toy line of vehicles and playsets based on its Go! Go! Cory Carson TV series at Toy Fair New York, which will roll out at Target starting this March.

The series is based on the toy company’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels toy line and stars kid car Cory Carson navigating the adventures of childhood throughout Bumperton Hills. Inspired by the series, the toy line allows kids to create their own adventures based on Cory and his friends.

The spring product lineup includes Go! Go! Cory Carson Smartpoint character cars based on Cory, Chrissy, Freddie, Halle, Frannie, Kimmy, and Timmy. Kids can press different buttons to hear spoken phrases and activate sing-along songs, melodies, and sound effects. The Cory and Chrissy cars can be stacked to initiate more interaction and music sounds. There will also be playsets based on Freddie’s Firehouse, DJ Train Trax and the Roll Train, and Cory’s Stay and Play Home. Each electronic playset triggers sounds, music, and lights when SmartPoint characters are set on activated PlayZone spots. Each playset also comes with mini-characters.

Cory’s Stay & Play Home set will launch in the fall.