Voting is open now! | Source: Hasbro/the Toy Insider

For the first time in more than 85 years, Hasbro is changing all 16 of the Community Chest Cards in the classic board game Monopoly and fans can be part of the process.

Starting today, fans can head to to vote on new card options that command players to collect money, receive a fine, get sent directly to jail (without passing “Go”), get freed from jail, pay property taxes, and more.

Some of the options available to vote on include helping neighbors clean up their yards after a big storm, getting sent to jail for finding a wallet on the sidewalk and not returning it, video chatting with friends after a hard day, donating money to the animal shelter, donating blood and getting free cookies, and getting fined for not shopping local, among others. Fans can vote multiple times and the winning Community Chest Cards will appear in an updated Monopoly game this fall.

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The Monopoly brand will also host the first Monopoly Charity Classic this spring, which will air on YouTube. Four celebrities will play to win a portion of the $350,000 Community Chest, which they will donate to the charity of their choice to make a positive impact in their own community. Viewers can watch the game to see some of the new Community Chest Cards that were voted into the game.