Want to travel the world without that pesky airfare?

Thanks to Sensible Object—and your Amazon Alexa—now you can!

Voice Originals: When in Rome is a board game that gives families a whole new voice-enhanced gaming experience.

The game connects to your Amazon Alexa device, and then walks you through the games rules and keeps score for you. No instruction reading or math! Sign me up.

Alexa also walks you through all of the gameplay as well. The game itself lets players travel the world, and even meet real people who live in 20 cities around the world. At the start of the game, players (or teams) choose a home city, and then move their plane token around the world via the flight paths visiting different cities. You can visit Rome, New York, Nairobi, Cairo, Beijing, and more.

When you arrive at a city, a local is there to greet you. Through your Alexa, you’ll hear Laura from Sydney, Hin from Hong Kong, Addie from Montreal, and more tell you all about their home city. Pssst. They’re actually real people from those cities that are teaching you about them. That’s pretty cool, right?

After you learn a bit about the city, the local will ask you questions about the city’s customs, culture, street food, and more. You can choose the difficulty level of questions that you are asked (“Arts & Culture for three points, or Food for one point”) and they’re multiple choice. While they may not be easy questions, learning the answer will teach you something new about the city that you may not have known before.

When players get the answer right, they earn Explorer Points, which as previously mention, Alexa keeps track of for you. Because there’s nothing worse than having to worry about things while you’re on vacation. Players can also find elusive souvenirs in different cities they travel to add extra points.

Voice Originals: When in Rome is a fun new way to spend your family game night together. It’s all the fun of travel, without having to fit everything for three weeks in one carry-on bag (yikes). The game uses the technology of the Amazon Alexa in a really seamless way (as long as you have a strong internet connection!). It’s a refreshing spin on classic board games that will also give kids a travel bug and a mini geography lesson. Win, win.