Playdates are necessary for social and emotional development, but with many children unable to play in person, parents are turning to virtual playdates to keep kids having fun while staying physically apart.

A virtual playdate can be as simple as trading collectibles or playing a game of tic-tac-toe on the whiteboard function in Zoom, but there are also great toys that you can incorporate into your kids’ next virtual playdate to kick things up a notch.

Kids can each do a craft and share their creations over the computer. Playdate pals can play with plush or dolls, have a dance party, make a music video, or act out a play. Kids can unbox collectibles and trade them later. Finally, they can build something awesome and share it on the screen!

Coordinate with the fellow parent in advance of the playdate. Determine whether you ship a set to the other family or each purchase the item. Either way, each product listed below retails for under $20. It is a cost-effective way (much less than the movies or admission to a museum) to create a great virtual playdate experience.