Top Outdoor Toys like VersaHoop

Back in the day, my older sister and I used to go outside almost every day and play all kinds of sports, like volleyball, tennis, soccer, and basketball. In fact, one of the highlights of my middle school life was when my sister and I saved up enough allowance to buy our own basketball hoop. I remember shooting hoops until it got dark out and our mom yelled at us to come back inside. The only thing we cherished more than this hoop was the swish sound when we scored without the ball hitting the backboard or rim.

And do you know what would have happened if you told me I could take my basketball hoop with me everywhere? I would completely flip out.

FunSports Brands’ VersaHoop: Clamp on Version is made for kids ages 6 and up and is the solution for every kid who wants to play his or her favorite sport on the go. The VersaHoop is a basketball backboard that comes with attachable clamps, so players can attach it to any vertical or horizontal pole of any shape from .75 to 2.25 inches.

Basketball fans can bring their VersaHoop anywhere—literally anywhere. The playground or camping? Given! Bunk Beds? Don’t tell Mom! The beach? Yaaaas. A tailgate? The dream. Trampolines? The most fun!

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This versatile (VersaHoop—get it?) mini basketball hoop comes with a mini basketball, the rim, a backboard, VersaBrackets, and the screws and nuts needed to attach the clamps onto wherever kids want. Adults should assemble and clamp on the hoops, and make sure to use some extra force to snap the rim into place. Assembly is straightforward and the included instructions are clear, so kids will be able to play in no time. Plus, the mini basketball is inflatable and has a super high bounce!

The VersaHoop is made of durable plastic with stainless steel hardware for long term use, easy portability, and safety. So, if it’s left outside by accident, it won’t get ruined. Best of all, the hoop is easy to disassemble and stores flat, which is great for packed cars on summer road trips, or totally stuffed garages.

VersaHoop is the perfect gift for kids who love sports or basketball enthusiasts. It’s a fraction of the price of the cheapest basketball hoops out there, so it’s also great for parents who don’t want to spend a fortune and kids who like basketball, but aren’t completely committed.

There is a whole line of VersaHoop products, including backboards that can clamp onto angled poles, hook onto doorways (best room ever!), and more. For more fun, FunSports Brands also sells basketballs in fun designs, such as multicolored or with flames, and replacement nets.