ToyState.VaporizR2When choosing an R/C vehicle, kids want something that’s rough and tough, and doesn’t let a few crashes stop it from zooming along like nothing happened. With the Nikko VaporizR 2 from Toy State, kids are getting all of those features plus a 4×4 vehicle that can run on land, water, and even snow—how cool is that?

The VaporizR 2 looks like a real race car with its caged windows, decals, and sleek back wing, and is available in a blue or red body style. It has two motors, big tires and a sturdy frame, and if you look closely at its tires you’ll notice they’re extra wide and have a unique design that actually helps it drive over snow and in puddles, shallow streams, and even down a water slide (watch that happen in the video below!). I wouldn’t suggest submerging the car in a pool or in the ocean, but when you place the R/C on top of a body of water (think pond) the car really acts like a boat. In the snow, kids can create their own snowy obstacle courses for the VaporizR to maneuver through—and don’t forget to build a ramp or two. The car impressively rips through piles of snow and kids will find that it’s nearly impossible to get the car stuck thanks to its powerful four-wheel drive.

Designed for drivers ages 8 and up, the R/C also features 360-degree spin action, has a max speed of 9.3 mph, and comes ready to run, so kids can unbox the toy and immediately start playing indoors, outdoors, or in water. The vehicle has a range of up to 66 feet when played with outside, and up to 33 feet inside or in water. And, unlike other R/Cs that take hours to charge, the VaporizR 2 has a one-hour quick charger, so kids won’t have to wait too long to play again after the car has run out of juice.

See the Nikko VaporizR 2 in action in the video below!