Instead of browsing Airbnb, I recommend checking into a more bat-tastic experience.

Inspired by the new Disney Junior series, Vampirina, the Scare B&B Playset is three floors of spooky goodness with vampire-y magic galore.

Vampirina follows the story of a girl who is new in town, and just trying to fit in. Sounds pretty relatable, right? The catch is that Vampirina is also a vampire who is trying not to lose sight of who she is. The series celebrates differences and features tons of fun spooky and human characters that are all co-existing.

Included in the new play set from Just Play is Vampirina’s BFF Poppy in the form of a figure so that kids can re-enact their favorite scenes from the show, or create their own adventures for Vampirina and her friends. It has all kinds of fang-tastic fun, including the secret reveal telescoping bedroom tower—complete with magically growing portraits (someone call HGTV! I feel like this should be the newest home décor trend!). There’s even a bookcase that transforms into a guest day bed.

When Vampirina dances, the record player moves and shakes (talk about a sweet dance party!) and there is a 360-degree spinning TV in the living room. Plus, the kitchen features magical rising food. I know what you’re thinking: I NEED to stay here. Well, get in line, because I’ve got the next open reservation. With tons of surprises on each floor, Vampirina fans will never get bored.

The real “wow” factor of this play set is that there are nine different spots on it that kids can place the Vampirina figure and watch her glow! Plus, when she gets a “case of the battys” there’s a special spot her for to hang upside down (I’m assuming this is the vampire version of the Mondays—the day of the week I most feel like hanging upside down).

Vampirina is sure to be your very best new ghoul-friend, so get ready for a spooky stay at her Scare B&B.