Adventure Awaits with Utopia Kid’s Forts


Goal: 15,000
Funding Period: until December 8th
Creator: Utopia

Now, kids can dive into the coral reef, travel to outer space, or even visit Santa’s Workshop with Utopia Kid’s Forts.

Utopia Kid’s Forts is a colorful and versatile tabletop fort that allows kids to use their imagination to transform their forts into a variety of settings that include a king’s castle, a ballerina’s studio, a big top circus, or more. The possibilities are only as limited as where their imagination takes them. Each fort can be personalized to include a kid’s name, is machine washable, and are made in the United States.

Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $90 and prizes for Utopia Kid’s Forts supporters include caboodles filled with coloring sheets and games, a customized Utopia themed backpack with accessories, and a small or large Utopia fort. 

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