Goal: $18,000
Funding Period: May 10, 2014-June 19, 2014
Creator: Three Pixel Heart

fbde192c90f9b5e86ba5076e6edf9e31_largeBlock Party is an approachable pattern matching game that tests players knowledge of computer science and search algorithms but there’s a catch: no words! This game is designed for both children and their parents, and anyone else looking to expand their mind.

To play, players must search for “parties” in the blocks – or just icons that have like color, fill and shape traits. This entertaining game will have you playing for hours while developing valuable skills.

Kickstarter donations range from $1 and go upwards towards $1,000. Prizes range from free sets of the game to your own ‘Block Party,’ where the team at Three Pixel Heart will host a tournament style playing party.

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