Up In & Over Bouncejam Bouncer | Source: Bestway

With all that pent-up energy kids have, sometimes they can get a bit jumpy. What if parents could give them an outlet to be as hyper as they want without bouncing off the walls? Bestway’s Up In & Over Bouncejam Bouncer is a safe way for kids to enjoy hours of active fun at home without deflating the couch or wreaking havoc on parents.

The bouncer is designed for kids ages 3 and up and it can hold up to 188 lbs, so multiple kids can jump together (and some adults can even use it!). It features translucent sides and an open top so that parents can keep an eye on kids as they play. The inflatable base and sides are sturdy enough to stand up to bouncing, jumping, rolling, and tumbling — perfect for kids to get in some exercise from the comfort of home without parents worrying about them wandering around the neighborhood on bicycles or hoverboards. It’s also a great way for young kids to develop motor skills and dexterity while building muscles and staying fit.

Up In & Over Bouncejam Bouncer | Source: Bestway

Although the bouncer is pretty large — measuring 71 inches around and 34 inches tall — it’s not overwhelmingly big or tall, so parents can place it either outdoors or even indoors if they have the space. The circular sides act as a safety barrier so that kids won’t fall out like they might fall out of a bed, and the openings are made strategically smaller so that kids have to intentionally climb in or out when they’re ready to enter or exit.

Kids can get creative with it, too, using it as a space to hide away in when they want to read, study, or play games on their tablets. They can even drape a blanket over the top and throw some pillows inside to turn it into a glamping tent or relaxation zone.

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The bouncer is easy to inflate or deflate using an air pump (not included), so parents can fold it up into the compact box and store it in a closet if they don’t want to make it a permanent fixture of the living room or backyard. Although the vinyl is thick and sturdy, the set even includes a repair patch that parents can simply stick on to cover up any potential punctures to get more life out of it. I was surprised to see that the bouncer is only $50 — an affordable price for an inflatable bounce house!

Give kids a safe space to jump, relax, or hang out indoors or outside with the Up In & Over Bouncejam Bouncer!