The Untamed Mad Lab Minis — the latest spinoff from WowWee‘s Fingerlings and Untamed lines — blends blind boxes, slime, building, collectibles, and role-play into one tiny beaker.

Once kids ages 5 and up peel off the wrapper, they will unveil one of 34 creatures made of Untamed DNA. After they extract and attach the head to its body, kids can classify the animal as one of the 12 species, including raptor, sabre-tooth tiger, and skeleton.

Little mad scientists can also determine the animal’s rarity by the color of the Untamed DNA compound it comes in. The squishy geoslime, terraclay, and biosand come in green for the common creatures, red for the rare creatures, orange for the ultra rare creatures, silver for the special editions, and gold for the legendary creature. 

The fun continues when kids mix and match the heads and bodies of the critters to create hybrids. With more than 1,000 possible combinations, young scientists can go wild creating unique creatures to collect, play with, and showcase.WowWee Untamed Mad Lab Minis CollectiblesAs an added bonus, each mini animal figure comes with a QR code to scan on the Untamed — AR MadLab app to build a virtual science lab and care for virtual versions of their creatures. While a first version of the app is currently available on iOS, the complete version will launch at the end of April. The version for Android devices is scheduled to launch by end of May.

Everything from the packaging to the background story brings kids into the world of a mad scientist, mixing role-play with creativity. Their unleashed imaginations can help them build their own crazy creatures and mold the compound into anything they can think of.

The minis’ cool corresponding app encourages the roleplaying to continue and creates a virtual lab right at home without the potential radioactive mess, which parents can appreciate.

Starting an Untamed Mad Lab Minis zoo and lab is easy for both kids and parents at $4.99.