Coast into the magical world of rainbows and unicorns on the Step2 Unicorn Up & Down Roller Coaster.

Kids can soar into fantasy land aboard this whimsical, unicorn-themed coaster and ride-on. With 9 feet of rainbow riding track, tots can get a mini-thrill right in your own backyard. Parents will appreciate the raised track sides, footrests, and easy-grip handles, making this ride easy for kids ages 2 and up. The ride-on is versatile enough for a range of kids to use both inside and outside. Plus, the unicorn can be used off the track as well.

Made in the U.S., this unique unicorn has motion-activated lights and sounds. Non-magic folk must remember to supply two AA batteries so the sparkle doesn’t fizzle out.

The box includes a unicorn coaster car, a four-piece riding track, and two steps for access to the top of the track. Assembly is quick, too. (Note: It’s even quicker if you don’t place the decorative stickers.) And it’s just as easy and fast to disassemble, so parents can store it away when it’s not in use.

When the unicorn coaster fun is done, kids can use the track in other creative ways, such as rolling a ball down the ramp or racing mini toy cars on the track.

Between the space, location, age, and multiple functions, this Step 2 Unicorn Up & Down Roller Coaster is truly magical and well worth the $129 pricetag. Parents will love the quality it provides, and kids will love having a little bit of magic at their fingertips.