It’s all rainbows and unicorns!

Collectibles are headed to a new, magical universe full of tiny unicorns. With Spin Master’s Uni-Verse, kids can find hidden unicorn figures inside smiling, rainbow-colored emoji clouds.

Currently, the line features four different emoji clouds. To reveal their collectibles, kids submerge the included cloud into a bowl of warm water. The cloud’s fabric, reminiscent of the material of a hospital gown, dissolves into the water, leaving hidden rainbow polybags in its place. When the cloud is combined with water, it transforms into a sticky, slime-based solution. The bowl of goo has a similar consistency to a sticky glue, which can get on everything around the workstation or on kids’ hands. Make sure to cover all surfaces well before beginning the reveal process to avoid making too much of a sticky mess. The sticky solution will turn into one of seven different colors, giving kids a hint about the theme of their collectible unicorn (Uni).

Inside the colorful bowl of slime, there are four sealed rainbow-colored bags with different characters and accessories inside each. As illustrated on the instruction page, the size of each size bag indicates a different surprise category, including a unicorn figure, a pet mini-figure, two themed accessories, a scratch-off collector card, and a poster. Before opening each bagged surprise, it’s helpful to clean kids’ hands and the bags from any excess slimy residue, otherwise, it can be quite difficult and slippery to tear open the packaging.

There are more than 40 surprises to collect in the first Uni-Verse series, with four in each individually wrapped Uni-Verse package. Whichever unicorn is hidden inside, each belongs to one of seven themes, including Nummy Bay, Sweet Treats Landing, Pet Party Peak, Glam-a-ganza Land, Superstar City, Funtasyland, and Mist-terious Land. In each theme, there are six different Uni figures to collect, each with varying degrees of rarity: Uni-Que, Very Uni-Que, Extra Uni-Que, and Super-Duper Uni-Que. As kids discover which unicorn is inside the blind bag, a collector’s guide explains each collectible’s name and rareness. Each figure’s name is a fun themed pun, such as “Goddess Goldie,” “Choco Dream Darlene,” and “Zing-a-Ling Zoey.” 

Some Uni figures also have special features that make each unique, including color-changing or liquid-filled bodies, fun hair, or glow-in-the-dark or fuzzy frames. Each unicorn also comes with a scratch-off biography card that includes its likes, dislikes, favorite foods, and rareness. Kids can use the unicorn’s glittery, colored horn to rub against the grayed-off blanks on the card and reveal their unicorn’s personality type and interests. Pro tip: If kids press the horn against the cardboard card too hard, the horn will start to lose its sparkle, so scratch-off carefully.

The reveal process may be a bit messy and sticky to start, but once the collectible is unveiled, it is a uniquely magical unicorn figurine that kids will love adding to their collections. It’s got the adorable factor down pat.