Kids are no strangers to games, including the classics. But how familiar are they with the components inside that make them tick?

Thanks to the Ever Wonder? Circuit Pinball Electronics Lab, from Uncle Milton, kids ages 8 and up can construct their very own electronic circuits on a pinball arcade lab and they learn all about the systems’ inner workings.

Included in the kit are more than 60 components that little electrical engineers must use during their experiments. There are wire chips, connectors, capacitors, resistors, switches, LED lights, speakers, and so much more for kids to get their hands on. The kit includes everything they’ll need to learn and play, including circuit fundamentals and other factoids that are sure to sharpen their knowledge of circuitry.

Using the full-color experiment diagram, curious kids can work their way through more than 20 experiments that test their ability to think, reason, and connect their way to circuit success in a fun, arcade setting. Each experiment challenges kids to create strands of electronic components that if assembled correctly, lead to authentic pinball lights and sounds.

As kids progress through the experiment booklet, they’ll be tasked with engineering more difficult circuits. In experiment number seven for example, kids will have to place a phototransistor, an LED light, multiple capacitors, and more onto the face of the pinball machine in order to create a light sequence that mimics a high-energy combat game. Once they’ve completed experiment 5A, they can press the two TACT switches and the Touch Conductor Wire Chip to enjoy a fast-paced light show featuring alien and space battle sounds. Each experiment yields different light effects, sounds, and patterns.

Ultimately, the Ever Wonder? Circuit Pinball Electronics Lab is a stealthy STEM toy that is as educational as it is fun for kids. And when they’re done, budding engineers can choose to tackle a different experiment, create their own, or use the room light mode (with auto shut-off) to put their circuit on full display.