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Designed for kids ages 6 and up, PlayMonster’s Ultra Dash is a fast-paced game that challenges kids to match the color of a flashing light to the color of a target as fast as possible. Contents include a tagger, five targets, a set of instructions, and three AAA batteries so kids can get started right away.

Ultra Dash is a test of speed, agility, and reaction. Kids start by placing their five plastic targets wherever they see fit. They come in five different colors, including purple, red, yellow, blue, and green. When the clock starts, their tagger will light up a random color, indicating which matching target kids will have to hunt down. The tagger features a built-in screen, so kids can tell it how many players are competing, and which game mode (there are three) they’d like to play.In Beat the Clock, youngsters must race to hit all five colored targets as fast as they can, in an effort to clock the lowest time. Whoever makes the rounds the quickest, wins. It’s the ideal mode for some friendly competition amongst friends, and it can even be used when young ones just want to challenge themselves and beat their personal best.

Target Tally lets players set their own time limit, and then challenges them to hit as many targets as they can in that time. The default limit is 20 seconds, but kids can increase the time in 10-second increments to enjoy longer games. This mode is great in a pinch, as it allows kids to squeeze one more quick competition in before play time is over.

It’s team versus team in Relay Race mode. This style of play encourages teamwork and challenges each player to hit five targets as fast as possible before passing the tagger to their teammate.Unlike board games, Ultra Dash players aren’t limited to whatever tabletop space is available. Instead, kids have the freedom to arrange their target course however they want. They can place all five of them in close proximity, or scatter them around the house so there’s room to run. Kids can even play outside once the sun goes down.

Ultra Dash is a great access point for exciting, active play. Kids can race against themselves, challenge friends, or capitalize on cooperative play options. And with fun sounds and flashing lights that identify whether or not players hit the right target, kids of all ages can get involved.