UglyDolls Playset

With STXfilms’ UglyDolls hitting theaters, Hasbro released its first-ever collection of UglyDolls toys.

For years, UglyDolls have been available only as plush creations — very much in line with the original, handmade dolls that creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim first sold back in 2001. Slightly streamlined for a movie-accurate look, Hasbro stays true to the original line with a collection of plush characters, but also offers a large range of collectible figures.

UglyDolls Plush

The plush UglyDolls range from 5-inch backpack clips to large scale plush and mid-range feature plush — complete with sounds and phrases from the film. Kids will love the snuggly soft characters, and the unique tactile nature of their texture. UglyDog — with more than 30 sounds and phrases — looks to be an early favorite.


On the collectibles front, there’s a wide range of characters available across several lines.

Lotsa Ugly is a blind-packed micro-collectibles range with 12 different characters for kids to collect. There’s also an UglyDolls minifigures line (four to collect), and a Squish & Go assortment that pairs a collectible figure with an animal made from slow-rise foam. Each figure is packed with oddball accessories like a baguette sword or a pretzel lasso. Packs included UglyDolls Babo and Squish-and-Go Sharwhal and UglyDolls Moxy and Peggy.

UglyDolls Disguise Surprise

Perhaps the best assortment in the bunch is the UglyDolls Surprise Disguise collection. Kids can dress up their favorite characters in quirky costumes inspired by the movie. Flexible outfits fit over each figure, and select accessories can be mixed-and-matched between other residents of Uglyville, including Lucky Bat, Moxy, Jeero, Ox, Wage, and Tray.

Of course, all of the UglyDolls figures need a place to play, and the Uglyville Unfolded Main Street play set is up to the task.

This simple play environment is constructed of double-sized, hinged plastic, allowing kids to fold it into a square that clips together to become a carrying case. It should be noted that only the storefronts — a barber shop, cafe post office, etc. — feature full color artwork, and that the backs are solid color molded plastic. The one questionable aspect of this set is that the four character toppers are cardboard cutouts that attach using tiny plastic clips. Parents will notice that the character cut outs often end up detached within the course of regular play.

UglyDolls Playset

Overall, Hasbro’s first wave of UglyDolls collectibles are affordably priced and provide a wide range of characters for kids to collect in sizes and styles that should appeal to young and old alike.