bracelets for kids
Accessories just got a whole lot sweeter with Twisty Petz Treatz from Spin Master.

A new iteration of last year’s Twisty Petz, AKA the more-than-meets-the-eye bracelet that transforms from a beaded pet to a beaded bracelet (and back again), Treatz are super cute stacked treats that transform from yummy food into a bracelet. An arm party has never been so delicious!

There are more than 10 Treatz to collect in total, each one sweeter than the next. Kids can discover Rainbow Jelly Pups, Sushi Pandas, Donut Bear, Hamburger Bears, Strawberry Kitties, Orange Pandas, Pancake Bear, Ice Cream Sandwich Kittens, Swiss Roll Kittens, and more. Each colorful Twisty Petz Treatz also has a delicious scent based on its food group and adorable Kawaii-inspired details.

Kids can transform their stacked treat into a bracelet with a simple pull of the head and tail, revealing sweet surprises on the different layers, like cute little bears snoozing on a bed of frosting. Kids can quickly turn their bracelet back to a treat stack by twisting and stacking the layers back up.

Treatz totally up the cute factor from past Twisty Petz, but when these are in bracelet form they definitely feel more like a chunky cuff than a traditional beaded bracelet. The wider look makes them perfect for stacking and making a statement.

Kids can definitly get creative with Twisty Petz Treatz. They can layer on their favorite animals, try to create their ultimate dessert dish, or create dishes of their own, like stacking the Strawberry Kitties with the Ice Cream Sandwich Kittens for a, wait for it, strawberry ice cream sandwich!

Stay tuned for more new additions to the Twisty line later this fall, too.