Toy Reviews - Twinkles

There is nothing more magical than a unicorn. Okay, maybe a fairy, but it’s a really close call. Luckily, VTech is bringing the magic of both to life with Twinkle the Magical Unicorn and her fairy companion Princess Prisma, new to its Go! Go! Smart Friends line.

Twinkle is an interactive unicorn that reacts to kids with fun, magical responses. She has a sparkly purple button on her collar, and when kids press it she comes to life. Twinkle plays music, walks, flaps her wings, and moves her head around. Little wheels under her hooves make it look like she’s trotting along into a new adventure, and she’s going to take kids along with her.

When you place Prisma, the MagicPoint character, on either of the two spots on Twinkle’s saddle, she activates different sounds and lights. If she sits in the front of the saddle, Prisma will introduce herself as a fairy princess and ask you to sing a song with her. While she sings, Twinkle moves along to the song. When Prisma sits on the back of the saddle, she says different phrases that kids can listen and respond to. Prisma can’t wait to, “show you how beautiful the world can be” and always wants to “take a magical ride.” Kids can prompt Prisma to have other responses by pushing the heart button on her dress, which is very similar to the one on Twinkle’s collar. Prisma’s simple phrases encourage first words and basic vocabulary, and her prompts to sing along encourage interaction. Together, Twinkle and Prisma encourage kids to use their imaginations as they learn, play, and engage in some magical fun.

Twinkle also comes with a carrot toy that triggers different responses. To feed Twinkle, kids can press the carrot up to her mouth and she will make some very happy unicorn noises.

While Twinkle’s lights, sounds, and movements are great, the details on the unicorn herself are adorable and make this imaginative toy stand out. Twinkle’s mane and tail feature a bright star pattern on one side and super soft purple material on the other. The MagicPoint spots on her saddle where Prisma can sit have different images featuring other characters from the Go! Go! Smart Friends kingdom. Twinkle’s wings (which, reminder, actually flap because #magicisreal) are a translucent, sparkly blue, and her pink horn lights up when she’s happy. Twinkle and Prisma are ready to take kids for a trot through the kingdom, and they’re going to look super cute while they do it.